ADF Ministry: A Sharing Ministry

In many situations your ministry as an ADF Chaplain will be conducted with Chaplains from other traditions of the Christian Church and other religions. Although always maintaining your own traditions, you will very often work closely as part of a team whose unified front in the Name of Christ and of his Church must be seen by those with whom you serve. You will also be ministering to people of other faiths or no religious affiliation.

You will be able to meet people where they are and share in the day-to-day life of your people. You will be able to visit personnel at their workplace and in their living quarters and gain first hand experiences of the rewards and stresses of their various jobs. As friend, confidant and advisor to all, you will form a valuable bond with the men and women you are there to serve.

You may be in an establishment, or a group of establishments, or a ship at sea alone or in company with other ships, or on an Airforce base or Army unit, or on exercise or operation. Your ministry will be to all regardless of their religious beliefs, non-beliefs or denominational membership. You will be part of an ecumenical team of chaplains and must be able to work as a member of the team.