A Shared Ministry with Your Denomination

Chaplaincy is presently represented by three Christian denominational groupings – Anglican, Catholic and Protestant – and Jewish. This reflects the original 1912 Agreement between the churches and the ADF. Within the Protestant grouping, the churches are Uniting Church, Presbyterian and the Associated Protestant Churches Chaplaincy Board (comprising the Baptist, Lutheran, Churches of Christ, Salvation Army and Australian Christian Churches).

The Religious Advisory Committee to the Services comprises representatives of the Anglican, Catholic, Protestant Churches, and Judaism. It represents religious ministry to the Defence Force, and nominates Chaplains to Navy, Army and Air Force. It is also a forum to discuss issues of chaplaincy in the Defence Force and is advised by the Principal Chaplains’ Committees.

A chaplain is a commissioned officer with the title of Chaplain on enlistment. Chaplains are treated with respect due to their calling and professional standing, with the ADF facilitating what is needed to fulfil their duties.