Where Would I Be Posted?

Chaplains are posted to wherever ADF people are. That could be to sea in ships and to shore establishments, or to operational areas or to remote locations or bush exercises. Postings will normally be of two to three years in length.

Chaplains serve in all major ADF bases, from HMAS CERBERUS (on the Mornington Peninsula south of Melbourne), to Townsville with the Army or Darwin with Navy, Army or Airforce, or Canberra at the Australian Defence Force Academy.

Full-time positions are limited to availability for each denominational grouping.

Reserve Chaplains can also be posted for particular deployments, some lasting up to six months duration. If you chose Reserve Chaplaincy the commitment of time will vary depending upon the time available outside of your parish or sector ministry. As a Reserve Chaplain you would provide a regular ministry within a local Establishment and/or be available for block periods. You will need to check with your denominational Church authorities regarding their attitude to your giving time to Chaplaincy.